Panel international collaboration 13.30-14.15 uur

13.30-14.15 uur Torpedo Theater

Torpedo Theater International collaboration (ENG)


How to support creative authorship, new voices and innovative productions that play with and around the limits and rules of audio production? Radio Papesse (IT) tried to answer by initiating the LUCIA festival and from LUCIA came YASS!, an international mentorship and masterclass series aimed at peer exchange and sharing of experiences. But what’s next? Here comes Radio That Matters, a European project that explores radiophonic languages in order to foster accessibility in the performing arts. In this talk by Carola Haupt we’ll have a glimpse of what’s to come, of the themes and of the masterclasses and most of all, of how producers and audio makers from all over Europe can be part of it. Afterwoods there's a panel discussion with Katz Laslzo (The Europeans) and Katharina Smets (Meeting Independent Radio Producers) about international collaboration in the field of podcasting. 



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